Origin of Pampering Plus

With an advantageous idea in mind and a genuine concern regarding the welfare of those in the community, the inception of Pampering Plus began in August of 2002. With diligence and precise planning, the owner of Pampering Plus Inc. Jocelyn Mayo RN, BSN continued to put a strategic business plan into effect. The plan would allow the elderly and individuals with disabilities within the community the opportunity to remain in their own homes versus alternative settings while being cared for. The plan was to maintain individual independence and enhance the quality of our client’s lives while ensuring their safety and well being. Our services would consist of assisting individuals with their activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meals, laundry, housekeeping, errands such as food shopping assistance to doctor’s appointments and companionship.

To get the plan in motion, Pampering Plus Inc. hired qualified nursing assistants and home health aides to provide the envisioned home care services. As a result of its careful planning and preparation, Pampering Plus Inc. was able to open its doors for business and accept its first client in June 2004. Since then Pampering Plus Inc. has continued to grow and serve the community. Pampering Plus Inc. applied for and was awarded its first contract May 2005 with the State of Pennsylvania. The contract consisted of caring for individuals in Philadelphia and Montgomery County with a combination of physical, social, and economic need. Since that first contract, Pampering Plus Inc. has contracted with multiple nonprofit organizations to provide quality care within the community.

In 2008 Pampering Plus Inc. has expanded its scope of practice and applied for licensure from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to become a licensed health care facility. The license was awarded to Pampering Plus Inc. in November 2008. This license will allow Pampering Plus Inc. to provide Registered Nurses, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist to go into the home and provide services to home bound individuals. Pampering Plus Inc. is also Medicare certified.

Pampering Plus Inc. has also been instrumental in assisting in the economic development in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas by employing many dislocated workers or individuals seeking employment in order to be removed from public assistance. In addition to employing 100’s of caregivers, in 2008 Pampering Plus Inc. has started a related entity Pampering Plus Nurse Aide Institute. As a direct result of recognizing the dire need for quality healthcare workers Pampering Plus Nurse Aide Institute applied for a post secondary school license from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and was subsequently granted the license December 30, 2008. This program will allow Pampering Plus Nurse Aide Institute to train and educate individuals to become nurse assistants within a 4 – 6 week time frame thus placing them in the position to obtain employment.

In October 2008 Pampering Plus Inc. was recognized by Wharton Small Business Development Center with an award “Philadelphia 100” which named Pampering Plus Inc. as one of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Pampering Plus Inc. is certainly proud of its accomplishments and service to the community to date. Future plans for Pampering Plus Inc. include networking with local community, non-profit and organization leaders to explore and investigate additional avenues of service that will be a cohesive fit with the mission of Pampering Plus Inc..